Listed in reverse chronological order are all relevant academic activities since the start of my PhD position.


  1. Current Limitations in Cyberbullying Detection: on Evaluation Criteria, Reproducibility, and Data Scarcity’ available on arXiv.

  2. Submitted paper to Language Resources and Evaluation.

  3. Gave a guest lecture on Data Quality for the Tax & Technology course at the Vrije Universiteit.

  4. Attended ATILA 2019.

  5. Reviewed for CONLL 2019.

  6. Towards Replication in Computational Cognitive Modeling: A Machine Learning Perspective’ accepted as commentary paper in Computational Brain & Behaviour.

  7. Submitted commentary to Computational Brain & Behaviour.

  8. Attended the Blackbox@NL workshop at JADS.

  9. Gave a talk on (Adversarial) Computational Stylometry for our department’s colloquium series.

  10. Gave an Introduction to AI guest lecture at the Tilburg Law School.

  11. Attended ICT with Industry 2019 at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, predicting public importance of news for the Persgroep. My observations here.


  1. Presented Style Obfuscation by Invarance at ATILA 2018.

  2. Automatic detection of cyberbullying in social media text’ accepted in PLoS ONE.

  3. Supervising theses in Data Science (described by general topic): Gytha Muller — Improving Cross-Domain Distant Profiling, Ruben van de Kerkhof — Stylometric Features in Sarcasm Detection.

  4. Teaching Assistant (provided the Decision Tree lecture) for Machine Learning (880083).

  5. Taught the Fall semester of Data Mining for Business and Governance (880022).

  6. Invited lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit, providing the Data Quality lecture for the Tax & Technology course.

  7. Part of the local organisation committee for BNAIC2018/BENELEARN2018.

  8. Style Obfuscation by Invariance’ accepted for COLING 2018.

  9. Supervised Master theses in Data Science (described by general topic): Joey Dokter — Predicting Customer Conversion for In-House Advertisements (in collaboration with OnMarc), Alejandra Hernández Réjon — Gender Differences in Cyberbullying Detection, Kostas Stoitas — Evaluating Word Embeddings for Cyberbullying Detection, Tzoulian Prodromos Ninas — Investigating Cyberbullying and Toxicity, Anwar Amezoug — Out of Domain Performance of Profiling, Coen van Duijnhoven — Robustness of Simple Queries on Political Preference Detection, Martijn Oele — Linguistically Informed Local Changes for Author Obfuscation, Jan de Rooij — Replicating Style Obfuscation by Invariance.

  10. Submitted long paper to COLING 2018.

  11. Part of the Scientific Committee of LREC 2018; reviewed for main conference and TA-COS workshop.

  12. Presented ‘Attribute Obfuscation with Gradient Reversal’ at CLIN 28.

  13. Taught the Spring semester of Data Mining for Business and Governance (880022).


  1. Presented ‘Distantly Supervised Prediction of Demographic Information on Social Media’ and tōku at the TiCC PhD Day 2017 and won the Best Demo Award.

  2. Organized ATILA’17 in Tilburg.

  3. Was part of the jury at the Xomnia Datathon against cyberbullying.

  4. Taught Fall semester Data Mining for Business and Governance (880022).

  5. Attended EMNLP 2017 in Copenhagen.

  6. ‘Simple Queries as Distant Labels for Detecting Gender on Twitter’ accepted for W-NUT 2017.

  7. Organized informal NLP with Deep Learning summer school at Tilburg University.

  8. Co-reviewed for CONLL 2017, and EMNLP 2017.

  9. Submitted short paper to EMNLP 2017.

  10. Co-reviewed for EACL 2017.

  11. Supervised Master theses in Data Science: Evie Izeboud — Prediction of Job Transition Using Publicly Available Professional Profiles (in collaboration with 8vance), Thomas Rockx — Profile pictures as predictor for network size on Twitter, Vannesa Berhitoe — Multi-label emotion detection on Twitter.

  12. Taught Spring semester Social Data Mining (880022).


  1. Built a concept version for the CS&AI group’s webpage.

  2. Attended ATILA 2016.

  3. Started teaching Fall semester Text Mining (880091) and Social Data Mining (880022) in context of the new Data Science master. Materials for both courses are open-source.

  4. Moved to the CS&AI group at Tilburg University as part Lecturer, part joint PhD candidate with CLiPS at the University of Antwerp under the supervision of Eric Postma, Grzegorz Chrupała, and Walter Daelemans.

  5. Attended the 2nd Summer School on Integrating Vision & Language: Deep Learning (iV&L).

  6. Gave a LaTeX tutorial for the course Computational Models of Language Understanding.

  7. ‘Evaluating Unsupervised Dutch Word Embeddings as a Linguistic Resource’ accepted for LREC 2016.

  8. Part of the Scientific Committee of LREC 2016; reviewed for main conference and TA-COS workshop.


  1. Wrote a Python docstring to Markdown convertor (markdoc).

  2. Made Omesa open-source.

  3. Submitted ‘Evaluating Unsupervised Dutch Word Embeddings as a Linguistic Resource’ to LREC.

  4. Wrote an author profiling module and demo environment for AMiCA (profl).

  5. Presented ‘Domain Adaptation of Simulated Data for Cyberbullying Research.’ and demonstrated ‘Shed: a Framework for Reproducible Text Mining’ at ATILA 2015.

  6. Organized ATILA 2015 and built its website.

  7. Wrote a Python wrapper for Stanford’s Topic Modelling Toolbox (topbox).

  8. Participated in the Lisbon Machine Learning School (LxMLS).

  9. Presented ‘Modelling Discussion Topics to Improve News Article Tagging.’ and demonstrated ‘Ebacs: a Minimalistic Conference Manager’ at DHBenelux.

  10. Presented ‘Topic Modelling in Online Discussions’ at CLIN 2015 and accepted the STIL prize.

  11. Accepted the Leo Coolen award at Tilburg University.


  1. Made the book of abstracts for CLIN25 and developed ec2latex in the process.

  2. Attended ATILA 2014.

  3. Gave a guest lecture for Tilburg University’s course Social Intelligence about my research and applying Text Mining for business purposes.

  4. Started as a PhD candidate on AMiCA project.