Code, notebooks, and data I made openly available.

amicapaper repoAll experiments described in this paper.
dutch-embeddingsdataVarious Dutch word embeddings trained with word2vec.
style-obfuscationpaper repoAll experiments described in this paper.
simple-queriespaper repoAll experiments and data described in this paper.
tokudemoAuthor profiling based on Simple Queries (see above).
omesacode (sci)Small framework for reproducible Text Mining research.
topboxcode (sci)Wrapper for Labelled Latent Dirichlet Allocation (L-LDA).
sakuincode (tool)Web directory indexing and file sharing with Python.
markdoccode (tool)Convert NumPy-styled Python docstring to Markdown.
ebacscode (sci)Minimalistic conference manager.
ec2latexcode (sci)XML to LaTeX book of abstracts.
nanchocode (fun)Mute music player sound on browser audio (Ubuntu).