2018 - Style Obfuscation by Invariance
Emmery, C., Manjavacas, E., & Chrupała, G.
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2017 - Simple Queries as Distant Labels for Detecting Gender on Twitter
Emmery, C., Chrupała, G., & Daelemans, W.
W-NUT 2017
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2016 - Evaluating Unsupervised Dutch Word Embeddings as a Linguistic Resource
Tulkens, S., Emmery, C., & Daelemans, W.
LREC 2016
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2014 - The Development of Dutch and Afrikaans Language Resources for Compound Boundary Analysis
van Zaanen, M., van Huyssteen, G., Aussems, S., Emmery, C., & Eiselen, R.
LREC 2014
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2014 - Topic Modelling in Online Discussions: Analysis of the Developments within the Dutch Privacy Debate on News Websites
Emmery, C.
Tilburg Center for Creative Computing. 102
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